Lupine Lead - Tail Feathers- 1/2"

Lupine Lead - Tail Feathers- 1/2"

Padded Handle Dog Leashes – Featuring quality Lupine webbing and a soft padded handle you’ll be comfortable walking even the strongest of pullers. Small Dog Leads have 2″ trigger-style snaps for easy attachment to tiny pooches while Medium and Large Dog Leads have a convenient gate style snap for easy attachment to even the most excited of walking partners!  in the 1/2 inch width the leads are 4ft long.
  • Lupine Guarantee


    Seems crazy but we’re not kidding! Whether Spot thinks his collar is more fun to chew than his bone, Fido prefers to walk himself or Fluffy seems to like the ‘feather boa’ look, we’re gonna replace it. 

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