Ashley Amey

My parents had dogs before I was born.  They have often said they would rather re-home me than the dogs!!

It was in September 1993 that I had my own dog.  Her name was Gemma, she was a border collie and I took her home at 8 weeks and the training began.  I started off with the puppy classes and continued on to the advanced obedience classes until she was old enough to start the agility training and that is when it really all started.   I competed in agility competitions and helped at my local agility club running classes as a hobby as I worked full time.  


In 2010 I set up the online business Planetpaws offering a range of different toys and accessories not found on the high street, we also visited local shows as a trade stand.     I took the big step to increase the services that we offered under Planetpaws in 2014 and left my full time employment.  I have not looked back since. 

Heather McPeake

Dogs have been part of my life from an early age. 


My first dog was a red setter called Misty, since then my family have had a Labrador, a sprocker and I currently have a flat coat retriever cross terrier called Zayn.  He arrived from Dogs trust at 10 weeks old, he has taught me a lot about working with dogs that have had a difficult start in life.   I love walking Zayn in the New Forest, searching out interesting and different walks to provide him with stimulation to ensure he has a healthy and fulfilled life. 

Joining Planetpaws is an opportunity for me to develop my love of dogs further.  I have previously worked within in an office and took the leap into this career change to provide a better work life balance for me and my family.  I have known Ashley & Kate for over 5 years and during this time have worked with them on a number of occasions to provide additional support for Planetpaws, either dog walking, pet sitting or at the events they attend with the shop.  I am now a full member of the team and excited about what the future is bringing as we work together with our wonderful clients and their dogs to provide a trusted, caring and supportive service.

contact: or 07788 420558