Lupine Adjustable Dog Collar - Tailfeathers 1"

Lupine Adjustable Dog Collar - Tailfeathers 1"

Adjustable Dog Collars – The perfect everyday collar for every pup! From the teeniest of teacups to the largest St Bernards Lupine has you covered with every size range. The versatility of the the adjustable collar is endless – with quick drying nylon webbing your dog can take a dip in the river and then take a walk downtown sporting the latest fashion trends. With welded steel D-rings, heavy duty side release clasps and climbing grade webbing your pup will be ready to take on anything that comes their way!

Other accessories are available, as per the images.   The step in harness is by special order only and therefore please contact us if you wish to purchase this item.
  • Lupine Guarantee


    Seems crazy but we’re not kidding! Whether Spot thinks his collar is more fun to chew than his bone, Fido prefers to walk himself or Fluffy seems to like the ‘feather boa’ look, we’re gonna replace it. 

    Please contact us via our contact page prior to returning.