LongPaw - Pet Waterbottle

LongPaw - Pet Waterbottle

The Long Paws Pet Water Bottles are the best bottles available for giving water to your dogs. They can drink straight from the bottle and you have less to carry. 

The bottle works on a patented lick 'n flow system - releases water as the dog licks.  It is available in a range of designs which make them the perfect gifts for dog lovers and their practicality makes them the perfect gift for dogs too.

The design is free from BPA’s both the dog bottle spout and the cap are made from BPA-free, food-grade quality, FDA specified polypropylene.  The main body is stainless steel (more hygienic than aluminium or plastic) and avoids water spills and prevents waste.  The cap is also leak resistant caps and you can remove the top spout making it easy to clean and refill.  With a karabiner clip it attaches to your bag or belt easily and a cord securely attaches the cap to the bottle.  

The water bottle is available in 3 sizes: 250ml,  500ml, and 750ml

    contact: info@planetpaws.co.uk or 07788 420558